Higher Education Sprout Project 2023 NSTC Research Projects for College Students is open for application.

Higher Education Sprout Project 2023 NSTC Research Projects for College Students is open for application. The deadline for application is 2:00PM, November 24 (Friday).

※ Application procedures are as follows:

  1. Each team should complete the eForm at https://eform.mcu.edu.tw/node/3530 (No need to log in to fill out the form.).
  2. Download application form from Higher Education Sprout Project website and have advising professor and Department Chair sign the form; then submit hard copy application form to Higher Education Sprout Project Office for review (form content must be typed).

(Application Form Download: Ming Chuan University Higher Education Sprout Project (https://tec.mcu.edu.tw/)→Documents download→Various funding projects→112 NSTC Research Projects for College Students Application Form)

 Both of the steps above must be completed to be considered a successful application.
 Each faculty member may advise a maximum of 2 teams. Advising professors must serve as a full-time or special program faculty of MCU and meet the standards for NSTC special project applicants.

※The bonus will be awarded to those who have actually completed the submission of the plan and applied for the National Science Council’s special program for college students.(Estimated to be issued in February 2024).