Undergraduate Program

Department of Applied English aims to nurture students to be competent in English with a special focus on skills applications in professional areas through a variety of courses. It also aims to help students develop a global view.
  • Founded in 1993, the Department of Applied English (DAE) aims to train its students to be English professionals in many different fields. The following states DAE's mission along with the core competencies we work to develop in our students before their graduation.


Undergraduate | Educational Goals

Enhance learning ability.
Nurture students to acquire language skills with a special focus on skills applications in professional areas.
Help students develop a global view.
  • English proficiency.
    • The ability to apply English in professional areas, in project analysis, planning, and execution.
  • The ability to engage in cross-cultural communication.
    • Cross-cultural understanding.

Graduate Program

Graduate Program in Applied English has the mission to cultivate professionals in TESL and ESP who have the ability to construct knowledge and to apply this knowledge to their professional areas. 
  • With continued efforts to enhance academic performance, the Graduate Program of Applied English familiarizes students with different theories/perspectives in TESOL/ESP with a focus on their application to practice, fosters academic research skills, and further strengthens students' professional and practical knowledge via a variety of curriculum activities.

Graduate Program | Educational Goals

  • Enhance academic performance.

  • Strengthen students' professional and practical knowledge.

Core Competencies

The ability to present ideas professionally in both English speaking and writing. 
The ability to synthesize existing theories and viewpoints about TESL or ESP into a personal philosophy about learning and teaching.
The ability to develop methods and techniques of teaching and learning ESL/ESP.

The two aims of this graduate program are: (1) to cultivate and train the English-language teaching professionals; (2) to cultivate and train specialists who will serve in enterprises such as in the fields of translation and interpretation, economic and trade management, tourism management, etc.

Our graduate program emphasizes proficiency in the English language and provides students with professional knowledge and skills that are related to their chosen fields.

All courses are conducted in English, students are immersed in a 100-percent English-speaking environment, where they can enhance speaking and listening comprehension skills and ensure their fluency and comfort of using the English language.