Learning Pathway

Required/Elective Courses

1 st year

2 nd year

3 rd year

4 th year

Required Courses

Physical Education (1)

Physical Education (3)

Physical Education (5)

Special Topic Report Writing II

Physical Education (2)

Physical Education (4)

Physical Education (6)

Special Topic Reports

Chinese Literature: Appreciation and Creative Writing I

International Etiquette

Intro. to translation

Chinese Literature: Appreciation and Creative Writing II

English Oral Communication III

Cross-culture communication

Applied Information Technology:Office Software

English Listening III

Special Topic Report Writing I

Applied Information Technology:Data Processing

English Writing III & IV


Intro. to Literature

Introduction to Linguistics I

Research Method

English Oral Communication I

English Oral Communication IV

Public Speaking I

English Listening I

English Listening IV

Public Speaking II

English Writing I

English Writing IV

English Reading I

Business Communication I

English Listening II

Business Communication II

English Writing II

Intro. to British Lit.

English Reading II

Fundamentals of Grammar

Sentence Structure of English

Intro. to Western Lit.

Elective Courses

Nursing Education I

All-out Defense Education Military Training C

2nd Foreign Language III


Physical Education

Nursing Education II

All-out Defense Education Military Training D

2nd Foreign Language IV


Physical Education

All-out Defense Education Military Training A

2nd Foreign Language I


Selected Literature Works

Introduction to International Affairs

All-out Defense Education Military Training B

2nd Foreign Language II


English for Tourism

International Business Strategy

Intro. to Bible Lit.

English Phonetics

Film Literature

International Business Management

Western Popular Culture

Intro. to Young Adult Lit.

TESOL Test Design and Assessment

Professional Translation

Teaching Children English

English for Economics and Trade

Oral Interpretation

Advanced English Practice

Teaching of English Phonetics

English Rhetoric

English for Negotiation

Case Studies of Cultural and Creative Industry

English for Journalism

Travel Agency Management

International Marketing

Teaching of English Writing

History of the English Language

English Poetry

Drama I

English for Shipping and Transportation

Spanish I

Drama II


French I

Overseas Studies


Introduction to Linguistics II

Second Language Acquisition

Industry Practical Projects

Spanish II

Cultural Analysis of English Countries

Teaching Listening & Speaking

French II

Teaching of English Reading

Interpretation of Special Topics

Teaching of English Phonetics

Case Studies of Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions

Special Topics on ESP

English for Meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions 

Tour Manager Practice

Research of Modern Writers

Intro. to TESL Theories and Methodology

Business Writing

Learning Strategies

Production & Application of Instructional Media

Communication & Leadership

TESL Practicum

English Through Current Events

American Lit.


Spanish III

Spanish IV

French III

French IV

Business Management