Cedric Deschrijver, Faculty of Applied English Department Awarded Journal of Pragmatics Honor


Assistant Professor Cedric Deschrijver of the Applied English Department, Ming Chuan University, has published a paper “On the metapragmatics of ‘conspiracy theory’: Scepticism and epistemological debates in online conspiracy comments” in the Journal of Pragmatics (SSCI) in September 2021 under the name of Ming Chuan University, which was selected for the 2021 Jacob L. Mey and Hartmut Haberland Early Career Award.

This award selects papers published in the Journal of Pragmatics every year and evaluates the originality of the papers, the breadth of the research field, and its academic impact. According to the 2021 JCR statistics, the journal’s citation rate (Impact Factor) is 1.860, and the ranking (Rank) is 60/194 in the field of linguistics, which makes it a second-level (Q2) journal.