Workshop on TEFL & Applied Linguistics at MCU on 3/17-18


The Department of Applied English (DAE) is hosting an annual international conference on English teaching in celebration of the university’s anniversary. Sponsored by our university as well as the National Science & Technology Council and the Ministry of Education, the department is set to hold its 24th MCU International Conference and Workshop on TEFL & Applied Linguistics at MCU’s Jihe Complex on March 17-18.

Spanning two days, the overarching theme of the conference is Exploring English Education in the Post-Pandemic Era: Reflection and Prospect. The conference program includes six plenary speeches, two invited workshops, one colloquium, and seventy-five paper presentations. An estimated 200 to 250 attendees are expected. Three of the six plenary speeches will be delivered by renowned international scholars in the field of applied linguistics. In addition, twenty international scholars will be presenting their research studies. The remaining three plenary speeches will be given by esteemed scholars from Taiwan. The invited colloquium and two workshops will address exciting and inspiring topics, such as English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) in higher education, bilingual education, and teaching methods that promote interaction and communication.